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HErzinger's Influence Map by klausNex HErzinger's Influence Map by klausNex
Oh! Great. The real name is Ogure Ito, that sounds like the japanese pronunciation of "oh! great", hence the pseudonym. He's a character designer and manga artist known for the manga Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear and the design of some characters in the fighting game series Tekken, besides Ashlotte of Soul Calibur IV. Yes, he's a pervert who draws far to much porn. And yes, he's my favorite mangaka.

Rad Sechrist. He's a storyboard artist at Dreamworks Animation, and he writes a fantastic blog named "Rad How To" [link] where he shows a lot about drawing techniques, especially cartoon.

:iconlolita-art: Daniela Uhlig. My favorite DA artist. Her girls are aways awesome, as well as her coloring. Actualy, I became interested in digital painting because of her satyr [link]

:iconamandagrazini: Amanda Grazini. A brasilian illustrator, like myself. She draws beautiful, sexy and full of expression girls, and makes me want to draw every time I see a new job..

Alberto Ruiz. If your talking about drawing girls, he's the man. Nothing more to say.

Joshua Middleton. Some of the most amazing comics covers that I saw were draw by this guy. I love his colours and the way he makes any super girl sublime.

Barbara Canepa. Beautiful colors, dark settings and some supernatural girls. It's love.

:iconbri-chan: Brianna Garcia. I love disney characters 3 times more when she's the one drawing then. Her Doodles vol.1 was the first sketchbook I ever bought and one of her drawings that I colored is my most popular deviantion (shame on me). She puts some unique flavor in the chars she draw.

Hiro Kawahara. Another brasilian. Here he is known for the illustrations in trays of McDonald's, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. He's combinations of cute girls and strange monsters tears up a smile even on the grayest days.

Neil Gaiman. Best writer ever. His fables are some of the most inspiring things there is out there, as well as his characters and scenarios.

Pin Up Art. Well, I love to draw girls, and in this matter pin ups are a commonplace. Actually, I thought about using a 3x3 box to simply say "girls", but as you can see, they are everywhere, so I assumed that was implied.

I modified a little the original meme, so the all the framing stuff is to show the influence os manga in general.

You can find the blank meme and do your own here:
by :iconfox-orian:
RayfieldA Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Great! This page will help me to find more work on these artist!!
amandagrazini Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
aeeee valeu aiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!
klausNex Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Não por isso ^^"
Aproveitar pra te seguir aqui tbm =D"
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